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In 1940, Sugar Beet Seed Agency was established which was then grown to Sugar Beet Seed Institute (SBSI) in 1988. The headquarter is located in Karaj city, 35 km west to Tehran. The institute consists of 6 research departments and 8 laboratories and supervises 13 regional stations located in the main beet production areas across the country.
International Collaborations
SBSI has a high capacity for production of both monogerm and multigerm sugar beet seed so that it produced more than 120000 units of monogerm seed and also more than 150 tons of multigerm seed in collaboration with Iranian Sugar Factories Syndicate and Plant Production Department of the Ministry of Agriculture Jihad in 2013.
International markets
In year 2013, 16 tons of improved seeds of sugar beet was exported to Turkmenistan country which has the economical value of three billion and five hundred million Rials. This amount of the produced seed is the result of research work carried out for a decade by researchers and experts of the SBSI institute. In future, the institute try to export more improved seed of sugar beet to other countries in the region, including Azerbaijan, Republic Nakhjavan, Syria, Pakistan, Sudan, Afghanistan, China and Romania.

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