Sugar Beet Seed Institute
This department has two stations in Firouzkouh and Karaj for elite seed production. Cytology and seed control and certification laboratories are under supervision of the breeding department. Five comprehensive projects including several plans have been designed as follows:
  • Sugar beet rhizomania and curly top diseases in Iran. Genetic, Breeding, Agronomy and Biotechnology.
  • Breeding and Agronomic aspects of Bolting in sugar beet.
  • Environment stresses on sugar beet (salinity and drought) in Iran.
  • Main fungal diseases of sugar beet in Iran (root and leaf diseases). Genetic, Breeding, Agronomy and Biotechnology
  • Quality and Quantity of sugar beet.
Contact person: Mr. Mohsen Aghaezadeh
The research topics being investigated in this department are as below:
  • Optimization of beet irrigation management and improvement of water use efficiency.
  • Crop rotation, fertilization, and determination of nutrition requirements of sugar beet cultivars in different cultivation areas.
  • Research on optimization of sugar beet mechanization in small fields.
  • Study of the innovative production methods and their application in sugar beet crop.
  • Modeling of sugar beet growth in various regions and model validation and calibration.
  • Study of sugar beet ecophysiological and agricultural aspects.
  • Development and preparation of sugar beet seed bed.
  • Determination of new regions for autumn sugar beet production.
  • Research on new methods of seed production and determination of water and nutrition requirements of beet seed-bearing plants.
Contact person: Dr. Rahim Mohamadian
The Plant Pathology Department was established in 1997 to undertake studies on the sugar beet major diseases and pests in Iran. This department studies germplasms with resistance or tolerance to main pests and diseases. The main research activities are as follow:
  • Evaluation of sugar beet germplasm to access the resources resistant to the significant sugar beet diseases and pests in accordance with the objectives of Plant Breeding Department.
  • Study of the sugar beet main foliar and root fungal diseases in Iran.
  • Study of the sugar beet main viral diseases in Iran.
  • Main fungal diseases of sugar beet in Iran (root and leaf diseases). Genetic, Breeding, Agronomy and Biotechnology
  • Evaluation of fungicides and systemic insecticides for seed treatment.
  • Study of sugar beet cyst nematode.
Contact person: Dr. Bagher Mahmoudi
The Biotechnology Department is involved in the following research activities:
  • Identification and mapping of genetic markers linked to resistant genes for Rhizomania and Nematode.
  • Micropropagation of beet germplasm for breeding purposes.
  • Screening for salinity and drought tolerance using plant tissue culture methods.
  • Production of sugar beet double haploid lines via unfertilized ovule culture.
Contact person: Dr. Peyman Norouzi Email:
The activities of this department are focused on:
  • Research projects conducted to improve technological quality of sugar beet, and decrease sugar losses during the harvest operation.
  • Providing appropriate instructions for determination of sugar content and soil tare in the tare-houses of sugar factories.
  • Supervision and control over the operation of tare-houses in the sugar factories and pursuing farmers’ claims.
  • Evaluation of sugar beet losses during harvest and storage.
Contact person: Dr. Mohamad Abdollahian Noghabi
  • Statistics Unit: analysis and process of data obtained from breeding, agronomical and pathological experiments.
  • Public Affairs Unit: presentation of SBSI achievements, communication with mass media, holding exhibitions and meetings, and brochures and poster preparation.
  • Computer Services Unit: installation, hardware and software support and services, and local area network maintenance and support.
  • Library and Publication Unit: reception, evaluation and publication of the scientific-research articles for Sugar Beet Journal; supervision, review and publication of all final reports of the research projects, filing the final and scientific reports, and also library and information services
  • Research projects Databases Unit: performing all legal steps for research projects approval, compiling the annual scientific reports, and assigning registration numbers for final reports.
Contact person: Dr. Saeed Sadeghzadeh Hemayati
SBSI is always interested in cooperation with other research organizations, institutes, companies and seed production centers all over the world with joint research projects, training courses, attendance at international conferences, paper and poster presentations and exchange of updated knowledge. SBSI wants to make a scientific bridge to the developed countries through the international correspondences and relations.
Contact person: Dr. Abazar Rajabi
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